Human Origins Part 5

Link to the Joe Rogan Episode with Randall Carlson from which and excerpt was taken. (Commentary- Fair Use)

A quick re-cap of where we are to this point.

Human beings were created in a lab 250,000 years ago by beings from another planet that enters our system every 3600 years.

We were created for the purpose of slave labor in the gold mines that the off world beings had established in southern and middle Africa.

These beings were the race called the Annunaki, and in order to make humanity they used D N A from existing creatures, hominoids native to this earth, and D N A from their own species.

So we are partly native to this earth and partly native to another planet. 

As an aside, perhaps this is the reason we have a certain restlessness and yet feel attached to this planet at the same time.  And then there are those people who actually feel we do not belong here, and that we are a curse to this planet.  In part, they may be right.

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Human Origins Part 4

Human Origins Part Four

Who did this.  That is the question we are left with.

We have seen that science has told us we human beings are 250,000 years on this planet.

We look closer and find that our genome has been severely messed with.

So who did this.

Let us stop and do a thought experiment. 

First question.  What is the minimum required to do this?

What would be needed to create a GMO like us.

We ourselves are doing genetic manipulation so we can have a good idea of what it would take.

Here is the practical question.  Would it take a God with all kinds of magical power to create us?

Or would it just require a highly advanced civilization of beings, much like us.

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Human Origins Part Three – For the Record

Let us recap where we are to this point.

We know that humanity appeared 250,000 years ago, by the study of human genetics.

A closer look at the human genome shows a couple of striking phenomena.

We see that our closest evolutionary ancestors have 24 pairs of chromosomes while we have only 23 pairs, and yet none of the D N A was lost in the transition because 2 of the chromosomes were fused.

The amount of defects and genetic disorders in our species far exceeds what naturally would occur in a process of mutation;

Which demonstrates that our genome was manipulated to add genetic material from a source that contained those defects already.


The process of manipulation itself did some or all of the damage that created these defects.

The inescapable conclusion is that we are the product of genetic manipulation about 250,000 years ago.

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Human Origins – We Are GMO

As we return once more to ponder the big question of human origins,

We find again that sense of freedom,

Freedom from the narrow strictures of the warring factions of religion and science.

So here we are.

Quite literally.

Previously we determined that the first appearance of the uniquely human genome on earth was some 250,000 years ago, give or take.

Alright, so because we have established the answer to the question, “when.”

Now we must look at the “who,”

the “how,”

and of course, the “why.”

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Timeline Of the Beginning of the Human Race

Human Origins.

As we sit in this place and hear those words it causes many thoughts to come to mind.  The topic is loaded with many scientific and religious connotations,

And yet, because we are able to clear our thoughts and stop, We can easily focus in on the place, the point in time, that naturally, we know is the most relevant to our species.

That point, we know, is the point in time when our distinct genome appeared on earth. And as for that, the point is not really a point at all. It is rather more of a time period.  The reason is simple.  The further back in time we go scientifically, the less precision we are able to assert in most disciplines.

However, we can be very confident of the order of magnitude, and scale.

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A Peak Into The Future



There has been much said over the millennia about a return of the Gods, a return of the God, a return of the Son of God. It is a central article of faith for most of the Christian world as well as Islam and others.

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Time To Get Started

Stay tuned.

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