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There has been much said over the millennia about a return of the Gods, a return of the God, a return of the Son of God. It is a central article of faith for most of the Christian world as well as Islam and others.

A modern day iteration of this is the “Rapture,” a very sect specific teaching that predicates a return of the Christ for the purpose of removing the “elect,” those who are the true believers and then ruling over the earth for a specified time until the end of the earth itself and the judgement of all of mankind.

The details vary with the branches of the sect but the point is the removal of the elect, “the chosen.”

This site and channels are dedicated to a proposition that there may well indeed be a rapture one day but not in the way that most people use that expression and for other reasons.

The Real History Of Man

In order to understand what may well happen in the future and why, it will be essential to understand the past.

Specifically the history of the human race, with the emphasis on who we really are and how we got here.

Once it is clear who we are, we will be able to think much more clearly on the subject of the future and specifically this idea of the rapture. What would happen and why it may happen.

In the process of this exploration it is almost inevitable that we will get into the subject of religion and also philosophy. That will require us to make some definitions and mark out some territory.

What I will present is not particularly new, but it is off the most recent beaten path. As such it has been the subject of hate, mockery, misinformation and ignorance.

It will be our task to lay it all out as succinctly and clearly as possible without missing anything of importance.

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