Human Origins Part 5

Link to the Joe Rogan Episode with Randall Carlson from which and excerpt was taken. (Commentary- Fair Use)

A quick re-cap of where we are to this point.

Human beings were created in a lab 250,000 years ago by beings from another planet that enters our system every 3600 years.

We were created for the purpose of slave labor in the gold mines that the off world beings had established in southern and middle Africa.

These beings were the race called the Annunaki, and in order to make humanity they used D N A from existing creatures, hominoids native to this earth, and D N A from their own species.

So we are partly native to this earth and partly native to another planet. 

As an aside, perhaps this is the reason we have a certain restlessness and yet feel attached to this planet at the same time.  And then there are those people who actually feel we do not belong here, and that we are a curse to this planet.  In part, they may be right.

As a timeline overview, the history that we have, is somewhat sketchy for the period of time from our own beginnings, down to a period of time just before the end of the last ice age.

This is a period we know existed because of our own scientific study, and recently we have been able to accurately see the time line by looking at the ice cores taken from the great glacier on Greenland.

We see a sudden rise in temperature and then a thousand year deep freeze and then another sharp rise in temperature.  The first rise was about 12,500 years ago, and then the second was about 11,600 years ago.

There are those who attribute those temperature anomalies to asteroid impacts on the great ice cap that covered much of North America and was several miles thick over what is now Canada.

Without getting into the detail and the massive body of evidence for such a claim, suffice it to say that these events would have had a cataclysmic effect on the earth, almost a planet killer series of events.

The flood stories that are found everywhere on earth, in every culture, refer to events from that time, including the account found in Genesis.

In the discoveries that refer back to the Sumerian civilization there are accounts that predate the Bible and give a fuller account of the circumstances.  We find that the story of Noah is an over conflation of the events of that time.

After that event there was the long period of recovery and rebuilding because the area of Mesopotamia, where the original start of the Annunaki had been, was covered in layers of mud. 

The high ground near the mountains was the only place where it was possible to grow crops and raise animals for a very long time.

This is why we only see the flowering of the Sumerian civilization approximately 7000 years ago.  It took a very long time for the population to recover.

The next 5000 years is likely the most eventful in the co-existence of humanity and the Annunaki on earth.  Much of what we know of traditional history is from that period, and we find more and more sources to cross reference what the Sumerian and subsequent civilizations have to say about those times.

We have, as well, the event that ended the Sumerian civilization, and the cross reference to that time in the Bible, and so we can track in parallel what was happening in the Biblical history, which is primarily a chronicle of the descendants of Isaac, son of Abraham, and the events of the larger world of the time.

What we see is Gods and men enmeshed in enmities and wars with each other, mankind fighting for their God in wars against the people of another God.

It would seem that the contentions between the Annunaki spilled over into the human population.  If we are warlike today it is a legacy of the Gods our creators.  And, it is from these times of war between the Gods that we later see the rise of the mythologies of the Greek and Roman pantheons of Gods.

It appears that Nibiru was coming through the sky approximately 500 years before the birth of Christ, give or take some years.  We could and should narrow that event down, once we are further along in our investigation of our human origins.

Suffice to say the Annunaki had obtained enough gold by that time and realized as well that it was time for them to turn planet earth over to us.

There are many more details about this history, and the Annunaki themselves that we will touch upon in later posts, but for now we want to see the overall timeline and sketch of who and what we actually are.

The first reaction to hearing this, that many people have, including myself, once we realize that the odds of this being the real story of human origins is very very high, the reaction is to think we must jettison everything that we have been taught and hold dear, particularly with respect to religion and our understanding of a higher being, higher than us and higher than the Annunaki.

But I would suggest we pause, before we go to that extreme, and just hold those previous ideas in suspension, because there is much more to consider than simply the facts of our origins. 

We may find that in many ways those beliefs are not that far off the mark of where they should be.  But we will get to that in due course.

Next time we will fill in a few more gaps in the timeline.

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