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Human Origins Part Ten

Some time ago we made note of the fact that there is a discrepancy between the actual facts of human origins, and the truncated tale in the Bible.

But we also made note that the monotheism that has arisen from Israel, and then taken on board wholly by the Christians, is not totally in error either.

Here is what we mean.

Looking first at the facts, we as human beings were created in a lab by creatures much greater than us.

When we became self aware during this process, we acknowledged the greatness of the creatures that created us, and we called them gods.

A perfectly natural and understandable thing to do.  They were our creator, lord and master.  They were what they were, and humanity did not know the difference between a good God and a bad God.

It was later in retrospect that we were able to recognize the idea of goodness, and to what extent the gods that we knew measured up to the standard.

But beyond that, we were able to think about good and evil, and again beyond that, we were able to construct the idea of ultimate good and ultimate evil. 

Several years ago, Jordan Peterson, in his lectures on the Bible, began by discussing the nature of humanity and God, and in particular, the problem of human consciousness.  To him, all of our ideas of God are rooted in our consciousness.  This includes the move from polytheism to monotheism.

In a sense, although I think Jordan Peterson would deny it, he was saying that God is a creation of the human mind.

I would suggest that this is backwards.  He has the right substrate but the order is reversed.  We are the creation of a mind.  Many of us have heard the expression, “all is mind.”  It is true.

But here is Jordan Peterson to elaborate on the importance of consciousness.

So we will agree with Jordan Peterson that consciousness is very important.  We will call it mind.

That is fascinating.  Our D N A came from space.  It is ironic that it is really true, yet Doctor Peterson only mentions it in passing.

In fact, if we go back to the mingling of the waters when Tiamat was first hit by Nibiru and its moons, we find the source of the D N A on planet earth, the planet that is the remnant of Tiamat.  That source was Nibiru.

But of course, that just pushes back the origins of D N A, the origins of the substrate of consciousness that Peterson talks about.  It doesn’t explain it.  How did life get on board the planet Nibiru.

These specific, scientific, material questions about the origins of D N A, we cannot answer in that way.

What we can do is give the greater context, the source of all life, all matter, all being.  It will then make sense in the context of Peterson’s discussion.

In a way, this was the context in which Enlil objected to the creation of humanity, the Adamu.  Creating life was not specifically the problem.  The problem was creating consciousness.  This is why Peterson’s discussion is so pertinent and so relevant.

There is something there that even the Annunaki did not fully understand, but they did acknowledge that creating the creature that would be the home for consciousness was the prerogative of God, the God that even the Annunaki recognized was above them.

And so this is the God that we are really seeking to know.  The Gods, the Annunaki, are a red herring in all of this, and their involvement in our creation must be separated out from the creation of the universe. 

That God, is the one we wish to understand.  Jordan Peterson is adept at showing how our minds are capable of creating those superlative concepts that we touched on in another video;




Yet when confused with the agents of our birth and peculiar D N A on this planet, we lose sight of the goal, I think.

That is my issue with the following discussion of the image and likeness of God. 

Actually, the image and likeness of the gods, to be precise.

Indeed.  Not cosmically trivial at all.

But I think we can understand this.

It is not really all that mysterious, if we start from the right point.

Let us take that statement that we have heard here and there over the years.

All is mind.  Let’s say it again.  All is mind.

We have been inclined to ignore it or dismiss it, because it doesn’t fit the paradigm that Peterson is struggling with.

The concept is simple.  We have been laboring under the idea that Peterson espouses here. 

He is grappling with the unlikelihood of the idea, yet states explicitly that it took millions of years for us to develop the mind that we have.

Here he is arguing back and forth between the Christian idea and the evolutionary idea, not realizing both ideas begin with the same premise.

That premise is this.  Mind arises out of the material world.  At best it is infused into the existing material world.  This is a variation that is found within the Christian tradition.

But either way the premise is backward.

The premise instead, should be the following.

The material world and all that is in it arises from mind.

Mind comes first.  That is the reason for the saying, all is mind.

We will look at the details and explanations of this point of view in another installment. 

Suffice to say, at this point we will just give the minimum timeline.

The God that we are seeking, the God of the superlatives; that God does indeed exist.

Indirectly, we were created by that God because everything that exists was and is created by that God.

Indeed, we can call that God the ALL.

The reason we can call God the ALL, is because everything that exists is within the ALL.

In fact, going one step further, everything exists within the mind of the ALL.

We will not go any further in this post except to use a contemporary example.

Most of us have heard people talking about something that they desire.  Some thing, some money, some relationship;  a myriad of possible things that they want or wish for;

And lately we have heard much talk about a way of getting those things that the heart desires by a method called “manifesting.”

We might want to say that God “manifested” the entire universe and all that is in it.  The analogy is not exact but is food for thought until next time.

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