Human Origins Part Nine Planet Killer

We have covered a wide patch of ground in very little detail so far yet we have not answered the most important question.

What is the point of all of this whole discussion.

While there is still a massive amount of history to consider, it does not really help us to answer the question.

So let us take this time to make an attempt to put this entire narrative into perspective.

For some people it matters very little how and why the human race came to be.  Their lives are busy enough just doing the basics for survival.

That is quite normal.

However, we are approaching a time when the number of people who actually have the leisure to think about human origins and the meaning of what they find, is going to increase rapidly.

The world, whether we realize it or not, is approaching a time when the vast majority of people will have enough to eat, and time to rest from their labors.

I realize that is the kind of statement that goes against most of the gloom merchants and doom sayers.  For most of history they and their antecedents have dominated the conversation with dire predictions.

But contrary to what we may habitually think, the numbers show us that we are making headway around the world in terms of food production and distribution.  We know that the current population of the world is actually more than sustainable when we are able to eliminate the inefficiencies that are usually a creation of people against other people.

That is the optimistic news, what of the pessimistic.

On the other side is the constant threat by certain players in the world who wish to dominate the world and mold it in their own image. 

Throughout much of history this has been the case, most often represented by strong individual leaders with huge ambition. 

But in our time, like some other times in history, the empire that seeks world domination need not have one continuous leader.  A series of like-minded leaders can accomplish the same conquest of the world.

In the recent past we have seen much of the world consumed by war, in what we have appropriately called World Wars.  Our war making technology has advanced now to the point where we could easily set the entire world back several hundred years.

That time when the entire world finally has enough to eat would be set back as well.

The other potential danger to the world’s population is a cataclysm such as was seen in the past.

When we consider that just 12,500 years ago there was an asteroid hit and then another about 1000 years after that, it is obvious that such events are un-predictable. 

As Graham Hancock puts it, the earth passes through an asteroid belt twice a year, which is much like crossing an eight lane highway blindfold.

The World,

On fire.

And after that,

the flood,

So huge the fires were forgotten.

Total impact,

The very next thing to a planet killer.

And so,

Will our luck run out.

There are those who can make the calculations.

Indeed, we should be paying attention.

Yet, we have heard that many, if not all, of the chunks of debris,

Come at the earth from the general direction of the sun.

That clearly makes them hard to detect from earth. 

It means that we have little or no warning.

But here is where this all gets interesting.

We know from the history of the Annunaki that they knew about the event of 12,500 years ago,

Before it happened.

Even the conflated account of Noah in the Hebrew Scripture points out that God knew ahead of time about what was going to happen.

That account even retroactively gives God, in this case Enlil, credit for having caused the massive event.

The fact that they knew ahead of time that the comet impacts were coming, is amazing enough. 

That implies a very intricate knowledge of the solar system itself.

It implies regular observation from beyond the surface of the earth, and the ability to calculate the trajectories required to know what would collide with the earth and when.

Some have suggested that Nibiru was coming through the solar system at this time as well.

Its gravitational influence may have had some effect on the comet fragments Hancock speaks about.

It would also further complicate the calculations.

The Annunaki watched the carnage from orbit as the comet fragments hit. 

Some of them severely regretted the decision to keep their fore knowledge from the human beings. 

Enlil had made them promise to keep the future calamity a secret from mankind.  He wanted to see the end of humanity.  As the Scripture rightly points out, he regretted that he had made them.

However, in Enlil’s case, he actually only approved, the making of human beings.  It was Enki that did the making, with the help of Ninmah and Nin gish zeeda.

But now, as they watched, not only were the human beings washed away, but so too was the god lifestyle they had become accustomed to.

Create an intelligent being but lesser than yourself, and force it into servitude and call yourself god.  That’s a life that anyone could get used to.

Now they would have to fend for themselves once more. 

Just like it was, when they arrived.

Enlil was happy that humanity was gone until they brought the ship down near Ararat, the highest peak near to their former home.   

He smelled the scent of cooking flesh and he remembered how life had been.  He went to investigate and found Ziusudra, otherwise known as Noah, burning an offering.  He was hungry for meat and at the same time angry that Enki had warned Ziusudra, as he had given his word not to do.

Enki mollified him and so, as we pointed out in other episodes, Enlil had a change of heart and later began to cultivate his own people.

In the Scripture, he even went as far as to say that the world would never again be destroyed by flood.

The Annunaki have no record of that promise specifically, and even had it been made, the likely substance of the promise would have been something to the effect of saving humanity.  The suggestion that Enlil had created the flood was an idea that came later.

There was much lamentation on the part of Ninmah and Inanna, who had come to love the human beings.  Ninmah had been an integral part of the creation of humanity from the start.  They made assertions that they would not let this happen again.

Now that brings us to a very interesting question.   Broadly, as we have asked before, what are their intentions.

Are they going to land here again when Nibiru comes back around.  That is likely almost 1000 years off, if my sense of the timeline is correct.

If the danger from the comet debris is as great as Graham Hancock believes, the Annunaki would certainly know about it.

In that case would they leave someone behind in proximity to earth in order to keep a watch on the earth.

Or is there someone left behind on the earth.

What happens if they do get an advance warning, do they deflect the object.  That is a technique that we ourselves have been thinking about.

It would be a lot easier to deflect the object than to warn all of humanity.  And what good would that do in any case. 

We have no capability at this time to evacuate the earth itself.

So if we are to believe what they have said, they have intentions to protect us.  How will that manifest, we wonder.

Mars was a place the Annunaki once used as a stop over station for the gold shipments.  I suspect that the Comet that sent pieces of itself to crash into the northern ice cap of earth, was also the cause of the great damage to Mars.

Mars appears to have had a cataclysmic collision of some kind that robbed it of its atmosphere some time ago.  When the Annunaki were there, it was by all accounts much more habitable.

However, if some of the Annunaki are biding time until Nibiru returns, orbiting Mars might be a place they would do that.

All in all, I am of the belief that after the debacle of the great flood, the Annunaki have felt some sort of obligation to us.  It seems they cannot live among us without becoming gods and tyrants once more.

And so I believe they have worked out some way, or are still working on a way to guide, direct and protect us, at least in some measure.

More on that in the next installment.

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